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Starting as Toronto's first and only 30-minute Office Chair Yoga provider, UTKATA Yoga has since expanded to meet the dynamic needs of remote employees with our corporate chair yoga classes and workplace wellness workshops. Our programs are designed to be accessible and convenient for traditional office settings and remote workspaces. With just a chair, we bring extensive wellness benefits to your team, ensuring they stay healthy and focused no matter where they work.

Our founder's journey

In 2012, Inna faced a pivotal moment when a painful lower back injury, a result of her sedentary lifestyle, left her unable to sit for months. This challenging period led her to a profound realization about the importance of movement, even within the constraints of office life. As she recovered, Inna turned to chair yoga, adapting its gentle practices to her office environment, determined to prevent further damage and enhance her well-being. Her initiative quickly caught the attention and interest of her colleagues, showcasing the benefits of incorporating chair yoga into the workday.

In 2015, reinforcing her commitment to her passion, Inna completed her yoga teacher training. This accomplishment deepened her understanding and practice of yoga and equipped her with the skills to share its benefits more effectively with others. Motivated by her transformation and the growing interest from her colleagues, Inna recognized the potential of chair yoga to address the widespread issue of sedentary work environments. This realization led to the birth of UTKATA Yoga, marking her mission to combat the sedentary epidemic office workers face everywhere.

Initially, Inna embarked on a grassroots journey to spread the word about UTKATA Yoga, offering free sessions at events and office spaces. At that time, the concept of workplace chair yoga was met with skepticism, often dismissed as an activity suited only for seniors. Despite these challenges, Inna persevered, officially launching her business in 2016 as Toronto's pioneering provider of a signature 30-minute Office Chair Yoga service.

UTKATA Yoga quickly distinguished itself, offering corporate chair yoga classes to hundreds of businesses and positively impacting the well-being of countless employees. Through Inna's dedication, participants have experienced improvements in mental and physical health, wellness, and productivity.

Meet our team

Meet the team behind our corporate chair yoga classes, dedicated to bringing wellness right to your desk, whether you're in the office or working remotely.


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