Frequently asked questions

Do you offer virtual classes?

Yes! In fact, we have been offering virtual classes for several years. We are teaching via Zoom, Microsoft Teams and any other platform that our clients prefer.

Do you offer yoga on the mat classes?

Yes! Although our flagship service is 30-minute office chair yoga, we also offer all levels of yoga on the mat classes. Please note that we do not provide yoga mats or any other yoga equipment.

Do you offer meditation classes?

Yes! We offer different styles of meditation classes, with guided meditation being our clients' favourite.

Are all your classes 30-minute long?

Usually, our chair yoga and meditation classes are 30-minute long, while yoga on the mat classes are 45 minutes long. However, whenever required, we're happy to change the duration of the classes and tailor it to our clients' needs.

How does scheduling work?

Simple: you let us know when and how often you'd like your classes to take place, and we do our best to accommodate your preferred schedule, given our calendar availability. It's up to you if you'd like to have weekly or bi-weekly classes; once or twice a week. You may schedule as you go too.

Is my office space suitable?

The answer is YES, it is! We can accommodate any space. All you need is the chair you’re sitting in. We’ll take care of the rest.

Is my chair suitable?

Yes, it is! Chair yoga is a highly adjustable and accommodating practice, so we can work with any type of regular chair: with or without handles or wheels.

What are your events rates?

Fill out our contact form, telling us about your event. We’ll be in touch shortly and provide a quote.

What's your cancellation policy?

You may view our cancellation policy here.