Frequently asked questions

Find answers to your questions about our yoga and wellness services.

Do you offer online classes?

Absolutely! We've been seamlessly conducting online classes for several years, leveraging platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams to bring our chair yoga sessions directly to you. Our flexibility means we can adapt to any digital platform your team prefers, ensuring a smooth and accessible yoga experience for everyone, wherever they are.

Do you offer other wellness services besides chair yoga?

Yes, we do! While our 30-Minute Office Chair Yoga is our flagship offering, our wellness portfolio includes a variety of other services tailored to enhance well-being at all levels.

Do you offer guided meditation classes?

Yes! Our guided meditation sessions are among the favourites for our clients, encompassing a variety of styles to suit diverse needs and preferences. These classes are designed to introduce relaxation and mindfulness into your routine, enhancing overall well-being.

Are all your classes 30-minute long?

While many of our chair yoga and guided meditation sessions are designed to fit neatly into a 30-minute window, we also offer longer formats, including 45-minute and 1-hour sessions. Our priority is to meet your needs, so we're more than happy to customize the duration of any class to align with your team's schedule and preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for your wellness program.

How does scheduling work?

Scheduling with us is straightforward: you decide the frequency and timing of your classes—weekly, bi-weekly, once, or twice a week—and we'll align with your preferences based on our availability. Flexibility is key, so feel free to adjust the schedule as needed, ensuring the classes fit seamlessly into your routine.

Is my office space suitable?

Short answer is Yes! Our programs are designed to fit any space. Whether you have a large boardroom, a small office, or are working from home, all you need is your chair.

Is my chair suitable?

Definitely! Chair yoga is incredibly versatile, designed to work with any standard chair you have, whether it's equipped with handles, wheels, or none at all. Our practice is adaptable to ensure you receive the full benefits of yoga, no matter the type of chair.

What are your events rates?

For details on our event rates, please use our contact form to share information about your event. We'll respond promptly with a tailored quote to meet your needs.

What's your cancellation policy?

For details on our cancellation policy, please Click here.